Issuance of Certifications

1. Certificates of Originality

CERTIFICATIONS OF ORIGINALITY are issued to individuals who wish to verify the photocopy/ies of ACTS (original Spanish version enacted during the American Period), REPUBLIC ACTS, BATAS PAMBANSA, BILLS passed during the previous Congresses, and Deliberations of Laws, against the ORIGINAL COPY of the law which is kept in the ARCHIVES of the HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, the ONLY unit authorized to issue these certifications. Photocopy/photocopies of the ORIGINAL REPUBLIC ACTS is stamped “CERTIFIED” and signed by the SERVICE DIRECTOR of said office.

Photocopies of ACTS (English version), AVAILABLE DELIBERATIONS OF LAWS and other LEGISLATIVE DOCUMENTS not found in the House Archives are stamped “CERTIFIED” by the SERVICE DIRECTOR OF THE LIBRARY. PRESIDENTIAL DECREES and OTHER ISSUANCES OF PRESENT AND PAST PRESIDENTS OF THE PHILIPPINES are certified in Malacañang, while IRRs (IMPLEMENTING RULES AND REGULATIONS) of other executive offices are certified in the respective government agencies issuing these laws.

2. Certificates of Appearance

The Library also issues CERTIFICATES OF APPEARANCE for NON-HOUSE EMPLOYEES whose respective office requests proof of presence during their research at the library.


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