Borrowing/Returning/Lost/Mutilated Library Materials


1. Only employees with approved library cards are allowed to borrow books and other materials in the library.

2. A MAXIMUM OF ONLY 5 BOOKS isallowed to be borrowed by a library card holder.

3. For books that are labelled “FOR ROOM USE ONLY” or stamped “Not To BeTaken Out of the Library, (as in the case of most law books), these are not usually taken out. If there are no other available copies on the shelf, then they could be borrowed for OVERNIGHT USE ONLY.

4. If the labeled book is to be borrowed on the LAST WORKING DAY of the week, the employee is required to return it on the FIRST WORKING DAY of the following week.

5. Other books could be borrowed for a maximum of TWO WEEKS.

6. If a borrowed book in a generally good condition has been returned mutilated upon its return to the library, the borrower is liable for its replacement.

7. Other library materials could be borrowed such as legislative documents (loose and bounded copies of laws, newspapers/magazines and journals. Encyclopedias, dictionaries, documents in CD-ROM ARE NOT TO LENT OUT to the library users.

B. Lost Books/Mutilated Books

Lost books ought to be reported immediately to the ACQUISITION GROUP of the library headed by Joey1 who will advise the library user what type of books are required as substitute(s) for a lost or mutilated book.

C. Student and Non-House Borrowers

1. Students
The library will ACCOMMODATE STUDENTS and NON-HOUSE EMPLOYEES, provided that their topic of research is related to legislation.
STUDENTS are required to submit a LETTER from their school/university librarian attesting that the document they are researching on is not available in their library.
This LETTER is VALID DURING THE DURATION OF THE STUDENT’S RESEARCH in this library. They will need a VALID STUDENT ID to be able to borrow materials to have them photocopied.

2. Non-House Employees
FOR NON-HOUSE EMPLOYEES, as with the policy on STUDENTS, they will only be accommodated if their research topic is related to law and legislation. They will require a VALID ID to be able to borrow materials and have them photocopied outside the library, with the exception of law books.


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