About Us


Greetings ! Our group is the reference section of the library.  We are here to assist you in any of your reference questions on-line…

In the 21st century where almost every sector is influenced by information technology, most individuals rely on computers to answer most of their questions on nearly everything they need.  The demand for a speedy and accurate response to legal queries requires computers and personnel to aid them in their search.  Among the needs of the modern world are answers to questions regarding legal matters, where it is imperative to provide fast and exacting answers to their questions. 

It is against this scenario where the  Library and Information Group has made its goal to reach out to individuals seeking timely and accurate on-line information to their legal queries.  Our group has decided to utilize modern technology in a most cost-efficient manner to get in touch with the clientele .  Hence,  this blog was born.

The Library and Information Group is still involved in the lending of books and other hard copies of library materials through the Circulation Desk, since most of our hard copies are still in the process of    digitization.  Selected publications are loaned out to a limited clientele.

As the reference unit of the Philippine House of Representatives, the topics covered in this blog are mostly related to legislation, but we will try our utmost best to answer your other legal queries to the best of our knowledge. 


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